SIAM INTER PARK COMPANY LIMITED is a unique, full-service organization highly experienced in providing complete consultation and management support in all areas of Leisure, Recreation Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Water Park, and Indoor specialty centers. SIPCL has carved a niche for itself in the amusement ride industry.Our impeccably designed rides are known to compliment amusement park standards world over.



We give an undertaking that we will provide the best happy amusement equipments to the visitor and create the greatest value for the clients and society. Let’s make the world more happier with a glimps of rides.



People everywhere are loving SIPCL and we thrive off their feedback. We are maintains an overall satisfictionfor all of our valued clients.

Kid Playing Slide

Water Slide Rider

Kid Play Ground

Dazzling Theme Park

Park Water Slide

Park Ground Design

London Eye Roller

Park Coaster Slide


The team of SIPCL is here to help you creating, operating and maintaining an amusement ride from SIAM Rides. We are very dedicated to our fellow customers.

Park Design & Development Service

The Park Design Division ensures that new park developments and park renovation projects fulfill the needs of the community.

Design & Development Service

The division creates design and construction documents, coordinates consultants, manages contracts and project budgets, and communicates with the SIPCL board and the community.

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Consultant Amusement Rides Manufacturer

We have brains with awesome industrial experience.

We do consultant

We have brains with awesome industrial experience.. We not only consult verbally! But we give you proper insights on what the project’s potential is and how can it be achieved in the best of cost and time frame.
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Kiddie & Family Rides Manufacturer

We love to do Kiddie & Family Rides manufacturing, this job is always entertaining.

Rides Manufacturer

The kiddie ride is often designed with fresh and innovative appearance, which will catch children’ attention instantly.

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Landscaping & Construction drawings

Our landscape designers and architects are skilled at analyzing, they'll take your concept and then will do the needful.

We do landscaping & construction drawings

Having landscape plans drawn up before starting your landscaping project will help you visualize what the end result will be like. Additionally, a plan ensures that size, scale and layout have been thought through prior to construction and plant installation.

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Import Amusement Products & Materials

Alongside our other in house products, we also import amusement products and materials from China.

We imports amusement products & materials

Alongside our other in house production we also import products from china. Importing amusements products from china is also our another venture, and we imports products from china according to our clients need.

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Sculpture & Scratching Work

We can help with awesome props and displays, keeping within your budget. Sculpture is always an artful job to us.

We do sculpturing sculpture & scratching

We can help with awesome props and displays, keeping within your budget. During initial contact, we work to understand your vision and needs. Based on our conversations, Siam Inter Park can develop concept drawings.

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Know More About Our Services

Our Services Area

Know More about Our Services

Our Service Area

A few Reviews from our clients

People everywhere are loving SIAM RIDES and we thrive off their feedback. We are very happy to be a part of our client’s daily life.

“Just received my 5th and 6th copies of  Rider this weekend from SIAM RIDES, Good services, Good quality. !!”

Mr. Bipul

Valued Customer

“Product with quality, Good service, Nice Riders !!!”

Miss. Ridhita

Valued Customer

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